How long does a mortgage lending

How long does a mortgage lending

However, this essentially depends on the creditworthiness of the buyer and how long he must provide the necessary documents. Everything about buying a house and how long it can take to find the right property can be found in our Real Estate Guide. Does a mortgage take a long time? With a construction loan, the term depends on the interest rates. On the other hand, of course, the amount of repayment plays a role. An explanation over at

When is a house bought?

When is a house bought?

When is a house bought? Finally, in addition to the seller, a notary assessor, a house bank and often a broker, others are involved in real estate acquisition. Even if it is only because you come to an alleged interested party, who in reality only wants to test the market value of his real estate.

Most of the time it takes you to find a suitable apartment after you have decided to buy it. You are only looking for a few days or even weeks. Why does searching in big cities take more time? The search may take a little more time if you want to acquire a property in areas where the request significantly exceeds the real estate supply.

When will a funding application be rejected?

When will a funding application be rejected?

When financing the property, the financing of the house bank is subject to the condition that the property provides sufficient security. Unlike ordinary consumer credit, you are not completely independent in your buying decision. The mortgage lending value is determined by various methods and it is quite possible that the house bank significantly undervalues ​​a particular building.

In 2016, even credit institutions in particularly expensive cities were more inclined to refuse concrete financing, even though the client’s creditworthiness was generally considered good. There is hardly any reliable information on the duration of the property search, but at least there is a not quite new survey from the year 2007.

Afterwards, the search lasted more than a year on average. If both the seller and the acquirer agree, the path to the notarial office is no longer in the way. If the provider is also a private person, the law does not allow for reflection, but for consumer protection reasons, if your business partner is not a physical person.

Nevertheless, the notary employee needs some time to review the sales contract. Which document does the documentary person need? The most important is the decision as to when the buyer will receive the agreed amount. In this case, the notary authorized representative issues the land register extract after receipt of the money. The funds go to the seller if the new owner is really registered in the cadastre.

The disadvantage is that the cadastre can not always respond quickly and the seller occasionally hesitates for a longer time on his fee. In some cases, however, the land registry confuses the timeframe in the first step. This is in your sense as acquirer, because it prevents the seller from being able to decide economically between the conclusion of the contract and the actual change of ownership over his property.

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a holiday or illness postpones this process for a few months. The construction of an own house has undeniable advantages over the acquisition of an existing property. The apartment can be adapted to your individual needs and wear or other hidden defects are no problem for you. In addition, a construction project, of course, takes much more than the acquisition of a property and is not only expensive, but also time-consuming and nerve-consuming.

Of course that does not mean that a new building would not be advisable – a building you build yourself is something very special. But you should plan enough buffers both in your household and in your diary, otherwise the dream can quickly become a nightmare. Nowhere are 100% satisfied with the decision to buy, of course, housing buyers are no exception.

However, you can avoid unpleasant surprises by paying attention to a few details before you buy an apartment. Was the object free for a long time? Is the object occupied but advertised for a long time? As a rule, a rented apartment can be terminated until the third day of each month to the end of the month after the next month. To be on the safe side, you can only liquidate it if the house purchase agreement has been concluded with the insolvency administrator and a binding delivery date has been specified.

The saleswoman can withdraw the contract before the notary deadline, which could cause serious problems. In some cases, extraordinary dismissal due to relocation may be possible without regard to the three-month period, but this is subject to very strict conditions. Finding a suitable property is usually the hardest part if you want to acquire a home.

Depending on your budget and area, this search can take several years. Everything can go very quickly from the basic agreement with the supplier and be completed in three to four months. However, you should take into account that there may be unforeseen delays at the house bank or the cadastre office, which hardly affect you.

How Long Does Payout – Loan Exchange

How Long Does Payout – Loan Exchange

How long does it take to transfer money via Creditend? If the project is successfully funded, it will be paid out. The repayment starts from the following month in monthly installments. The duration from the start of the project to full financing depends not least on the loan amount and the interest rate. The interest rate is determined by Creditend depending on the calculated default risk. See for further editorial

For several years there is the credit platform Creditend.

For several years there is the credit platform Creditend.

There are no loans without the Creditend, the loans taken are regularly registered with the Creditend. According to their own information, there is also the possibility to take out a loan, if a low credit bureau result is present. Loans of at least $ 1,000 up to a maximum of $ 50,000 may be made to Creditend.

Loans for the self-employed and students are also possible through the loan exchange. Creditend charges a fixed fee for the activity as a hub for borrowers and lenders in relation to the loan amount. How is Creditend offered? The credit platform Creditend is supported by the company of the same name. The company, headquartered in Düsseldorf city center, has been active in the private and private lending business for several years.

We are one of the partner banks of Creditend.

We are one of the partner banks of Creditend.

Here you can project for loan amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 USD. Creditend provides loans to retail customers where borrowers each create their own loan project to meet their needs. If there are enough private investors who want to lend something to the lender, the project is successful and the loan is paid out.

Creditend charges a commission of 2.95% of the loan amount in the event of success in arranging the loan platform for the corresponding project. Düsseldorf-based Creditend Gesellschaft mbH provides loans on its marketplace for private individuals. Possible loan amounts for the projects to be created on Creditend range from a minimum of 1,000 to a maximum of 50,000 USD.

Credit projects can also be carried out by self-employed and freelancers. The project planning of a student loan is also possible via Creditend. Credits without a credit bureau query can not be claimed with the marketplace credit, a credit project created via Creditend will be entered in the credit bureau information. According to their own information, however, it is possible to create a project for a personal loan even if the credit bureau score is low.

As is usual with most providers, the minimum life expectancy for loans is 18 years, and a permanent residence in the Federal Republic is also required. A fixed income is not necessary, however; Creditend goes its own way here, but requires a salary certificate in individual cases. Because Creditend has taken over the entire processing of a successful project, from the disbursement to the booking of the partial payments to the investors, as well as the possible collection, a processing fee of 2.95 percentage points per credit project is charged on successful completion.

The application process at Creditend works as follows?

The application process at Creditend works as follows?

In the credit market, the loan you are looking for is entered as a so-called project. Only after successful implementation of the credit project, an identification control of the system is necessary, as enough investors can be found. Creditend is entitled to demand a payroll account after successful project planning in individual cases.

What is the bank transfer time for Creditend? The time it takes to create the project and transfer the money raised through the marketplace depends on how long it takes to attract enough investors. According to Creditend, more than 50 percent of the projects (= loans) are already fully financed within two working hours.

If successful, the project will be disbursed. Creditend gives no information about how long that will take. Legitimization at Creditend takes place via the PostIdent process, video legitimacy is currently not possible. In the Postined the identity card of the borrower is presented at the counter of the post office, the employee then completes the appropriate form, which is sent to Creditend.

At Creditend there is also the option of an online identity procedure, which is processed via the account of the customer. The marketplace Creditend has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 potential competitors. The marketplace currently has 4310 total ratings at S-Money. 97.71% of the ratings are good, only a small part is negative.

Creditend won the “Best Credit Market Place of the Year” award at the Banking Check Awards 2016 for the first time. The loan marketplace, which was launched in 2007, proves that it has now established itself as the best service provider in the competition. In most ratings, the Creditend loan platform performs very well. Rank and thus the Banking Check Price 2016 as Credit Market Place speak for Creditend!

With the Creditend credit platform loans are already possible from 1,000 USD and can thus be played with small credit providers. Big difference: The credit is entered into the drawer, in a negative credit bureau query no project can be created, even if a low credit bureau score is not an exclusion criterion. In addition, Creditend incur substantial fees for successful loan projects on the order of 2.95% of the loan amount.

Creditend is currently the cheapest marketplace for loans according to BankCheck’s 2016 award. For loans that can be registered as project applications, all options are available, from the minimum loan amount of $ 1,000 up to the maximum possible loan amount of $ 50,000. According to their own information, more than 50 percent of loan projects are refinanced within two working hours via the credit marketplace, which is a good success rate.

Payday loans direct lenders -Search and Request a payday loan direct lenders

Payday loans direct lenders -Search and Request a payday loan direct lenders

Loaning money is not easy, but in some situations, it is inevitable. Especially if at a given time the costs are minimal, but with some time they are growing uncontrollably. It is the best thing to do that as soon as possible. The most common are situations requiring emergency home-based intervention, computer malfunction, abrupt travel for family problems, and the like. And for the situations where the money is needed, there are financial solutions right away. It’s all the things that bring a man to turn to help with a sentence I need money right away!

Search and Request a payday loan direct lenders today

Payday loans direct lenders at are designed for you. Money is paid on the same day, all without a lot of paperwork. If you wake up in the morning and say to yourself I need money right now, jump for your computer. Here, quick loans can be requested online, with the presentation of only the basic documents of the ID card and the current account card. The interest rates are on average 5 to 10 percent, but it all depends on the term of the repayment period and the amount of money the client is seeking.

I need money right now with microcredit on credit cards

 I need money right now with microcredit on credit cards

In this case, the main instrument of getting a loan is a credit card. This is a cash microcredit card that is intended solely for credit card users. Micro credits are paid to the current account in kunas and are repaid in monthly annuities. The loan is repaid along with the other monthly charges on the credit card. It is most often approached without insurance instruments and without charging the loan approval fee. Credit capability is not checked, but customer due diligence is monitored. Payments are usually paid in the amount of 1000 to 25 000 kuna, and the repayment period varies from two months to two years. The average payment goes on the same day or the next day depending on the amount requested. With microcredit you will no longer go to others with a sentence, I need money right away!

Popular minus or overdraft on a current account

Popular minus or overdraft on a current account

Banks give their clients the money they need right away and allow minus on their current account. Current account overruns depend on the amount of regular monthly cash benefits of the current account holder and may vary depending on your pay or retirement. It is easily available and does not require special approval, but has a slightly higher interest rate than other non-purpose loans.

Loan option today

 Loan option today

There is also the option of borrowing money directly from the ATM, and the mini loan is repaid at a one-time fee, so this is another good option if you need money right away. This option is similar to the overdraft on the current account minus the client obtains the desired amount of money, of course, in a smaller amount and pays a one-time fee. These are the various options offered by banks in their product range, which allow loans in smaller amounts of cash in case of emergency. These are amounts of up to several thousand kuna that are most often used to cover unplanned costs.

You need money right away – no additional documentation is required

The biggest advantage of these options is that virtually everything can be applied over the Internet. Just just fill in the online application and submit your personal ID and your current account card. Banks and other financial institutions for smaller amounts of money paid within one day do not require a lot of paperwork. If the amount exceeds HRK 3000, the bank account and the payroll or pension list must also be provided. A current account should be available to see that the client has regular salaries or pensions. Account must not be blocked or protected, ie it must be apparent that the client settles his debts neatly.

In addition to being able to submit applications online, more and more banks and financial institutions offer the option of sending SMS messages. The principle is the only thing that can be done through the mobile phone.

How can the personal payday loan be considered simple and flexible?

How can the personal payday loan be considered simple and flexible?

A real Swiss consumer credit knife, the personal payday loan allows an individual to borrow money to buy a product or service, go on vacation or change car… In short, you can do what you want with a personal payday loan, except buy a property. Only true condition: commit to repay in a staggered manner in time at the signing of the contract.

The main features of the personal payday loan

The main features of the personal loan

What is it used for?

What is it used for?

The personal payday loan is part of the family of consumer credit. Reserved for individuals, it can borrow up to € 75,000 to finance a punctual need, whatever it is, except a real estate. Once your file is accepted, you receive the full amount borrowed to do what you want.

With a personal payday loan, you can go around the world, finance your child’s study abroad, buy the latest fashionable flat screen, take your wife on a honeymoon in the Seychelles, or pay the fees. lawyer for your divorce.

A flexible loan

A flexible loan

It is necessary to distinguish the affected personal payday loan from the unaffected. For the latter, no need to justify the use you plan to make with the money borrowed. Although your bank advisor will often be unable to stop you from asking you to use it, the law does not require you to answer.

Because unlike an assigned credit, the amount borrowed is not tied to a specific purchase.

The only constraints and conditionalities

The only constraints and conditionalities

In the case of a personal payday loan, you will have to make a commitment to repay it according to the precise terms defined by the loan agreement. Depending on the provisions of the Lagarde law, the personal payday loan agreement must be written and must meet the obligations common to all consumer credit.

After verifying that the borrower is not registered in the National File of Payment Incidents (FICP), the lender must provide for signature to his client a pre-contractual fact sheet, summarizing the resources and the expenses of the borrower.

The contract itself must include a box in the header with all the characteristics of the loan:

  • type of loan,
  • affected or not,
  • amount of loan and deadlines,
  • duration of repayments.

The nominal personal payday loan rate and the APR (the annual percentage rate of charge), which includes not only the borrowing rate but also all ancillary costs, such as administrative fees and accessories, must also appear in clearly legible characters..

Then comes the total cost of credit, corresponding to the sum of all the monthly payments, minus the amount of capital borrowed. Generally, a revocation coupon is included in the contract to give the borrower the option to reverse his decision within 14 calendar days, since the Scrivener Act. You will then be able to waive your credit without any fees or proof.

As the personal payday loan is a repayable loan, the maturities are constant and include repayment of a portion of the capital borrowed and interest. The duration of the loan can vary from 3 months to 7 years and is the subject of a depreciation plan, specifying for each repayment date, the amount of the maturity, its decomposition into interest paid and capital reimbursed, and the share of capital remaining due.

The elements to watch for a favorable loan

The elements to watch for a favorable loan

The interest rate

The interest rate

As in any credit business, the interest rate is undoubtedly the most important element to compare before choosing the offer. Moreover, offers a comparator of credit conso to go around the credit organizations in less than 5 minutes. In your comparison, do not stop at the promotional rate displayed on an advertisement, but rather you are interested in the APR which includes all ancillary costs.

In this regard, since the borrower insurance is not mandatory, it is not included in the APR, unless otherwise indicated. Even though the purchase of a death and disability insurance policy is recommended for a large loan, you are not required to sign it with the lender. Again, playing the competition can save you a few euros.

Early repayment terms

Early repayment terms

Since its implementation in 2011, the Lagarde law specifies the conditions for early repayment of all new personal payday loan contracts. Below € 10,000 redeemed early and per year, no penalty can be claimed by the lender. Beyond this amount, the lending organization may demand compensation for the shortfall of unbilled interest. It must not exceed 0.5 or 1% of the amount refunded, depending on the remaining term of the loan.

By making this early repayment, you will have to choose between keeping the loan term, but reducing the amount of the maturities, or keep the amount of the maturities and decrease the term of the loan. In any case, keep in mind that it is advisable to take advantage of an unexpected cash flow to reduce its debt, especially with the rates charged in some investments nowadays, such as the Livret A you will gain by prepaying your personal payday loan.

In conclusion, the personal payday loan is a relatively easy way to get money for a personal project, and it will cost you significantly less than a bank overdraft or revolving credit.

Loss of credit card

Loss of credit card

The loss of the payment card must be reported immediately to the issuing institution. However, this does not always mean absolute protection against further abuse. Each bank has its own rules and procedures for blocking payment cards. Clients are liable for a loss of card in each bank by a different amount, the fees for blocking the card also differ.

All terms and conditions regarding payment cards are specified in the credit card agreement that you sign on the receipt

All terms and conditions regarding payment cards are specified in the credit card agreement that you sign on the receipt


Generally speaking, blocking an electronic payment card costs hundreds of dollars. However, stop listing an international embossed card is much more expensive and the cost is in thousands.

  • Blocking – this is a temporary or permanent restriction on the right to use a payment card. This applies only to authorized on-line transactions, ie all electronic card transactions. Blocking is a matter of minutes. When reporting a loss of an electronic card, it is sufficient to block this card entirely by blocking the card in the system.
  • Stop listing – refers to embossed cards (embossed) with which unverified transactions can be performed. This is a permanent, irrevocable cancellation of the right to use a payment card. You can never use a card again. The card number, holder’s name, and other particulars are included in the international stoplist. This is much more expensive and therefore the fee is higher.

How much does the blocking / stop listing cost?



Payment card blocking and stop listing is done by telephone, even from abroad. For some banks, it is possible to call the relevant bank info line and report the loss to the operator. Other banks have special blocking centers whose phone number is usually on the back of the credit card. Which, unfortunately, is not going to be anything if you lose it in advance! If you still do not know the number, you can contact any bank that issues the same type of credit card or call the appropriate association directly. Each bank should have a credit card number on its website.

Within a relatively short time, the bank will block the payment card. For most banks, the account holder bears the cost of misusing the payment card only until midnight on the day of reporting the loss. However, some banks have extended this time limit by up to 24 hours, ie until midnight the next day after reporting the loss of the card. After blocking, banks sometimes request to confirm blocking or stop listing personally at the branch. You then fill in the theft report at the bank, which takes into account how the card was lost.

Loans in Zadar – loans in Zadar via the internet

Loans in Zadar – loans in Zadar via the internet

Although Zadar has been on the list of tourist centers for decades, only a few years back has become a real hit. It was discovered by Britons and Americans who were delighted with the beauty and long history of this city that lives in harmony with nature and breathing for basketball. In recent years, the number of tourist capacities has increased, and this is an increasing demand for loan in Zadar. In the offer of loan in Zadar, tourist loans are used to stimulate the development of tourism activities in the city and its surroundings. If you have told yourself I need a credit urgently, then Borrowings Zadar is the right option for you.

loan in Zadar to raise tourist capacities

loan in Zadars to raise tourist capacities

Tourist loans are long-term loans intended for the purchase, adaptation and equipping of apartments, hotel rooms or hostels and the repayment period is between 10 and 20 years. In addition, they are also used for the purchase of vessels or other equipment for the purpose of carrying out tourism activities. Loans in Zadar are most often paid in domestic currency, while banks basically issue such loans in foreign currencies, ie in euros. Typical instruments for securing tourist loans are mortgages, bonds, bills of exchange or coercion. This means that banks, when making such loans, are looking for a guarantee of the aforementioned to lower the risk if the client comes to a situation when he or she will no longer be able to repay the loan.

Banks demand that a borrower should be a citizen who has a solution for tourism, ie has the status of renters of flats, rooms, beds and organizing places in camps. With credit houses that give loan in Zadar it is not a requirement. Loans are issued not based on registered activity or creditworthiness, but on the basis of whether the client receives a regular salary and settles their debts properly.

I will borrow Zadar without leaving the office


Borrowings Zadar, apart from tourist loans, also borrows other types of loans, such as those for which they apply online. Things are facilitated to the maximum, and the homeowners only ask for basic information to approve the loan request. The client must be provided online by a copy of the ID card and the current account and the contract that he has previously removed from the home page of the credit home and signed. So you do not have to lose your precious time in long queues at the office, and the advantage is that you can read the agreement peacefully and consult with a financial or legal expert if there are any dilemmas.

Loans from Zadar are paid within 24 hours if the documentation submitted by the client is complete. The application is sent over the internet and all this can be done anywhere, wherever you are. The repayment period is agreed by the client, but it should be borne in mind that a short repayment period means that the costs of repaying the loan are reduced to a minimum. This means that the faster the repayment term, the customer will be able to take a quick online loan in the short term. The advantage of this type of loan is besides the speed and the most commonly approved without any insurance instruments.

loan in Zadar have better conditions for fishermen


Borrowings Zadar also relate to loans intended for fishermen and those with registered crafts for fisheries. In the market, loans are backed by European Union funds that allow more favorable interest rates and a better repayment plan that is fully tailored to this type of business. The goal is to boost investment in this kind of economy and help develop crafts.

Available in Zadar in one day!

Borrowings Zadar are the ideal solution for everyone in Zadar and Zadar County who need a short-term financial injection with a short repayment period. loan in Zadar are among the services provided by some non-bank credit institutions, which are quickly recognized as a good product on the market. Just like loans in other larger Croatian cities, loan in Zadar are among the loans with an express delivery period that can help us for a short while, when the need is most needed. Many, both in Croatia and in the world, have unfortunately already become accustomed to having no money for things that should not fall into the category of luxury (such as a one-year holiday trip in the calendar year). But the people around this country, and of course the wider, naturally carry somehow – what nobody knows how to handle well are the debts to be repaid. That is why loan in Zadar, just like loans in other parts of the Republic of Croatia, help in situations where we can no longer afford to be obliged, when we need financial support, and we can not look for it even in the near or banking institutions.

Are you wondering if you need a loan?

It is difficult to judge when someone really needs a loan; something that is a single grace or luxury, to others it is necessary and vice versa. That is why non-banking credit institutions began to offer loans like loan in Zadar, for which neither potential borrowers in Zadar nor in other cities choose creditworthiness as in banks. Loans, like most other fast loans, are executed in as many as 15 minutes from when the client companies provide the necessary documentation, and the company (at least those who work professionally and responsibly) negotiates with the clients the interest rate and the repayment period; with the feeling of discretion and no question about what the client needs the loan. Even though the client does not guarantee the loan repayment within his or her credit capacity or salary, non-banking institutions with the minimum guarantee are confident that everyone is accountable to any form of borrowing and that citizens are aware of their income and monthly obligations, aware of the possibilities but are sufficiently rational to can make the difference between desire and need, and decide on what loan to spend and how to restore it …

Loans Zadar – instant loans with shorter repayment term

Loans in Zadar do not differ much from other types of quick loans in most credit companies – the same are the minimum requirements that are required of a potential client, as well as the amount of a loan that typically has a smaller amount of cash (usually about 6,000 kunas) in such quick loans. But what is specific here is the shorter repayment term; loan in Zadar are somewhat shorter, more accurately, than the repayment term of 90 days, while other fast online loans and borrowings are generally repayable for five months or 150 days. Such quick loans can, therefore, be saved when no one else provides you with help; when you can not go to families or banking institutions, and you have a realistic plan to repay the loan within three months … Loan services in credit companies, including loan in Zadar, are acceptable to almost everyone, regardless of their employment, credit stability, HROK, and other conditions set by banks when issuing similar loans.

For a loan in Zadar client must be an adult citizen of Zadar or Zadar county

If you decide to apply for a loan in Zadar, and of course you are eligible to live in Zadar or Zadar County, you can only get money online in only 15 minutes without any public notices and other expenses, as well as without employers’ certificates and similar certificates that you only lose valuable time. So do not hesitate if you suddenly need a loan or loan need – make a financial strategy on how to use your money and loan repayment plan on time; Then ask for a loan from Zadar or another online loan in a loan company whose agents take into account your needs and are willing to advise you at any time of the day and realize your loan in the shortest possible time!

How to repay your debts fastest

How to repay your debts fastest

A large number of citizens are struggling daily with the question of how to repay their debts ; So do not think that you are in that situation if you ask the same question every day, how to repay your debts on time.

The question of “how to repay debts” is troubling many citizens

The question of "how to repay debts" is troubling many citizens

If you have been accumulating debts in the last few years or months, you do not have to feel bad or as an outsider; many found themselves in a situation where their income can not track their expenses or pay them to cover the exact needs of life but we know that there is always something to be done and what we have not planned … It also happened that prices have risen recently especially food prices, food and fuel) and wages have stagnated or even fallen.

When unplanned expenditures are still to come, it is easy to find quickly in the distressed, the only way we get the top loan … But in human nature, there is a need for freedom, and freedom naturally implies financial freedom, that is, nobody is bound to do so … That’s why while you are trying find the best answer to the question of how to repay your debts, it is important that you do not neglect the ruthless moves and donate money from anybody, as well as excessive amounts of money on a large payout period because these are just the way you are likely to be in the same or burning for a year or two situation …

How To Return Debts With Fast Loans Or Loans

How To Return Debts With Fast Loans Or Loans

Since we are up and mentioning how to repay debts is still troubling many citizens, non-banking credit institutions have recognized the need for fast loans and loans that guarantee quick payout and a little time spent. These fast loans that can serve to quickly repay your debts often relate to loans of fewer than a few thousand kuna, but you’ll be back in the short term. The Fast Loan and Loan Financing Service (from a rich range of credit bureaus) offers loans that allow you to cash out your current account for 15 minutes from the time you submit the required documentation. The documentation contains basic checks and you will not need a lot of time to collect it and how it is done online, and the credit will be activated in a short time, after which the cash in kune will be paid to your current account opened in any bank (the condition is, of course, it will be on behalf of the borrower and not blocked).

What’s needed to close the question of how to repay the debts


This fast or instant crediting service that may be the answer to your question as to how to repay your debts requires only a few minutes of your time by filling out the required form via the credit / debit website and printing and scanning the contract and sending it together with the documentation to your e-mail address. Many creditors and creditors of certified credit companies have so far come up to many as an ideal answer to the question of how to repay their debts, regardless of whether they were created due to unforeseen repayment of another loan, minus entry or overruling of the allowed minus, whether they are due to another natural person or you are troubled by the debts of your accumulated accounts … In any case, in a credit company, you will have the money to come in one day or shorter, bypassing all the conditions that a bank set up for you and which you may not be able to fulfill. Just be careful that you are looking for a loan at a verified office where your debts will be transparent and free of charge.

Loans in Osijek – loans in Osijek via the internet

Loans in Osijek – loans in Osijek via the internet

Osijek is the heart of Slavonia, full of grain, valuable people and fertile fields. But the public is no longer aware of it because we are bombarded by daily writings about the incredible cast of emigration. More and more young and old are leaving Slavonia for a better future. They are looking for their happiness in Ireland and Germany. The social networks are crowded with the Slavonian community abroad which has been great and once again proved that Croatians are worthy workers. While others are building a new life in foreign countries, those who have decided to remain bumped to the end and barely survive the moon. In the market, loans to Osijek have appeared which are intended for people who have remained and are trying to live a normal life. So with these loans are popular loans Rijeka and loans in all other cities and towns in Croatia.

As the consumer basket, almost one thousand kunas is more expensive than the average Croatian wage, it is necessary to take out loans to survive. And it should be noted that the Slavonian pay is far lower than in Zagreb. Offered by loans in Osijek, loans are offered to cover emergency situations such as house and agricultural repairs, crop damage and unexpected travel due to health problems.

Agricultural loans are the most popular loans in Osijek

Agricultural loans are the most popular loans in Osijek

Osijek’s most popular loans are agricultural ones. They are designed specifically for farmers and their production. The aim is to stimulate agricultural activity and to ease the financial challenges faced by farmers. Hence, more favorable conditions and lower interest rates are offered. They are intended for the procurement of seeds, planting material, fertilizers, and protective agents, and are also paid for the maintenance of the mechanization. Such loans differ depending on whether the farmer as a natural person or as a legal person asks for them. A farmer as a natural person generally acquires a loan easier because creditworthiness is estimated on the basis of the liquidity of the trades and on the basis of receiving and settling the debts of the owner or tradesman.

If it is treated as a legal person, in order to approve the loan the farmer, ie his craft must successfully operate for at least three years.

Loans from Osijek are more sought after among employees of fixed-term employees

Loans from Osijek are more sought after among employees of fixed-term employees

In addition to agricultural loans among Osijek loans, non-purpose loans were also paid out to the account of the loan applicant in kunas and can be used for any purpose they wish. They are most commonly used to cover current account minuses, account bills, and unpredictable life costs. This is especially difficult due to the low income that Slavons have as well as the fact that it is seldom who is employed for an indefinite period of time.

That is why high-end loans and time-honored loans have been offered by credit houses. Namely, they recognized the conditions on the market and embraced people who worked for a certain time as a potential client. In contrast, banks provide a fixed-term loan only to those clients who are at least 12 months old employed in the same company. A fixed-term loan, if approved by the bank, is given short term repayments. In this way, banks ensure the risk of the client losing the job and can no longer return to take the loan. Likewise, loans to smaller amounts of money are issued.

Bank loans for SMEs

Spain has been characterized in recent years (especially before the crisis) to be a constant factory of new companies, which begin to walk the path of business almost always with a loan, whether family or the lines of credit offered by banks and savings banks.

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These companies also have state credit lines offered by the Official Credit Institute. These are the so-called ICO Loans, very named and at the same time very used. But let’s see what is behind all credit, especially behind bank loans for companies.

First of all, getting into debt with a bank means committing yourself for a while – which is usually quite long – to regularly paying a fee. If the business is going well, then nothing, but if the business goes wrong, you will have to continue paying the same, so, first of all, it is convenient to think about how those obligations will be dealt with in the worst case.

Incurring a non-payment has serious consequences: closure of bank accounts, being fastened as a debtor on the lists of defaulters, auctioning of property and even imprisonment if a scam is shown. For this reason, one must be very aware of the credit that will be taken.

In this sense, the financial institution will give us, if you can say so, a hand since it will take care of evaluating how feasible it is that it can face the installments, for which it must present its business plan and the guarantees that they request.

Bank loans, regardless of who grants them, always have the same components that must be evaluated when selecting a loan:

  • Requirements: the granting may be conditioned to various conditions that the user must meet, for example, have been x number of years inactivity as self-employed, or belonging to a certain industrial sector, etc.
  • Destination: sometimes they are loans for any purpose, but other times they can have a pre-established destination, such as the purchase of capital goods or participation in international fairs.
  • Term: the term will determine how high or low the loan installment will be.
  • Amortization: it can be the French system, the German system, the American system, increasing, decreasing, constant …
  • Period of Grace: it has to do with when the loan will begin to be paid, within, for example, 6 months or instantaneously.
  • Interest: will determine the true cost of the loan. To compare the interest rate, always use the APR, Annual Equivalent Rate, which is what you will pay effectively.
  • Guarantees: the bank can ask for guarantees that your money is returned. You can request a mortgage, personal property, one or several guarantors.

If they give you a loan for your venture, you can surely begin to realize your dream, and if your intuitions and projections are checked in reality, the credit will be paid alone. That is our greatest wish for you.

Financing methods for SMEs and the self-employed

Financial entities have a wide range of financial services designed for those who want to start a new business project. Loans or credit cards for self-employed workers and SMEs are some examples, but above all, and since the financial crisis that is still plaguing us began, there are 5 financing alternatives most used at this time:

  • Mutual guarantee societies.
  • Express Loans
  • Risk capital.
  • Participative loans.
  • ICO Loans

Mutual guarantee societies

It is a limited liability organization whose purpose is to guarantee its own partners, as well as to help them with financial and economic advice. An SGR has two types of partners:

  • Participating partners: SMEs and freelancers who contract the services of the SGR fulfilling their conditions.
  • Protective partners: Those people or companies that contribute social capital to the fund of the SGR so that it can be used by the participating partners.

One crucial aspect must be highlighted: you can not participate as a protective and participatory partner at the same time.

The SGR has a series of limitations by law:

  • A maximum of 5% guarantees to the same partner participating in the total value of the fund of the SGR.
  • A maximum of 25% of the total value of the fund in obligations to the same creditor.
  • It is prohibited to grant credits to its members and can not carry out other activities, beyond those of its corporate purpose.

These are the requirements to request a Reciprocal Guarantee Society are:

  • Be an associate of an SGR, by paying a social fee
  • Present a document explaining the purpose of the money you request along with a risk analysis.

Express Loans

The alternative is being used more and more by entities, offering fast financing from an online platform. These loans in the form of a line of credit and based on monthly income.

This financial option follows the following procedure:

  • Connect your bank accounts: so that the entity has the necessary information to give you the money you must connect your online accounts of the company and the quarterly IVA settlement.
  • Apply for the credit: with the help of an algorithm, you can calculate how much money you can receive from the credit line and minutes later you will be answered. Remember that you only pay for the money you use.

Risk Capital

It is a financial service more oriented to Startups than to freelancers. They are funds dedicated to companies with high future perspectives of high profitability, finance them and provide help for their management

They offer two modalities:

  • Venture Capital: Consists of the taking of temporary and minority interests in an SME during the startup or growth process.
  • Private Equity: Consists of the creation of a portfolio of shares of unlisted companies.

Participative loans

It is characterized because the benefits of the applicant company are shared with the lender, apart from a charge based on a fixed interest. Intended for both self-employed and companies.

Its main features are:

  • Its maturity is long term.
  • The interest depends on the evolution of the company’s profits.
  • They can be canceled in advance but if they are compensated with a capital increase equal to the capital of the company. So the company does not decapitalize.
  • Interest from the loan can be deducted in the tax base of the borrower’s Corporate Tax.
  • The amount of money they lend ranges between € 100.00 and € 1,000,000.

It is necessary to fulfill a series of requirements:

  • Be an SME
  • Document the project model demonstrating its viability and its management capacity.
  • The business project can not belong to the financial or real estate sector.
  • The company’s accounts must be audited.
  • Have a healthy economic situation.

ICO Loans

They are achieved through the Official Credit Institute is another important financing alternative. Some of its advantages are:

  • The repayment terms are longer.
  • They have lower interest rates.

These loans can be requested directly from the financial entities attached to the Official Credit Institute or directly to the ICO. They have 3 types of open lines:

  • ICO Line of Businesses and Entrepreneurs 2015: financing for SMEs and self-employed people who operate in Spain and have financing needs.
  • ICO Line Guarantee SGR SAECA 2015: financing for freelancers and public and private entities with the endorsement of a Reciprocal Guarantee Society (SGR).
  • ICO Internationalization 2015 Line and 2015 Exporters Line: financing for self-employed workers and companies with investment projects in the foreign market.

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Let’s imagine that we need extra financing and they grant us a € 10,000 credit at 5 years, with an interest of 10% APR. This means that for 60 months we will pay a total loan of € 212.47, so we will end up paying the bank € 12,748. But what would happen if our company pays us an unexpected bonus or we won a lottery prize of 3,000 euros? If we decide to use this money to amortize the loan that we have in force in advance, we will have the following two options.

1. Reduce the loan fee

We can reach an agreement with the bank to reduce the loan and so we can pay less per month, which perhaps suits us to save more in our day today. If we choose this option it will mean that we will continue paying for 5 years but with a lower monthly payment:

The fee would go from € 212.47 to € 148.73
The total would change from € 12,748 to € 11,924
So we would save 7%

2. Reduce the term of the credit

We will also have the option of speaking with the entity that manages the loan to allow us to reduce its term, so we would maintain approximately the same quota but for many fewer months- cost of borrowing. For example, if they accept our proposal we could go from returning the loan in 5 years to doing it in 3:

The fee would go from € 212.47 to € 225.87

The total would change from € 12,748 to € 11,131

So we would save 14.5%

Some conclusions

After these examples, we can draw some conclusions about whether it is better to repay loans with a reduced or shorter installment in advance:

It is better to reduce the term of the loan since it can suppose the double of saving that reduce the quota.
Reducing the term of the credit will not only allow us to save money but also the risk of default. That is to say, we will avoid possible contingencies that could affect the repayment of the loan that we have in force, for example, if in the next few years we run out of income, the bank conditions change, etc.

We will have to find a balance so as not to amortize so much that we run out of savings to deal with possible unforeseen events or to avoid paying so much a month that in the end, we will end up suffocating from day to day.
The greater the debt or the greater the capital that we can advance, the greater the savings. For example, in mortgages savings can reach 5 figures.

If we suspect that we can pay before the deadline, we must choose credits with zero cancellation commission, or free early amortization, as with the ING Orange Loan, or the mini-credits Kredito24,

After knowing the possibilities we have if we get extra financing and we want to amortize the repayment of the loan that we have in force, we can only decide what is best for us taking into account our financial profile and our priorities.