Bank loans for SMEs

Spain has been characterized in recent years (especially before the crisis) to be a constant factory of new companies, which begin to walk the path of business almost always with a loan, whether family or the lines of credit offered by banks and savings banks.

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These companies also have state credit lines offered by the Official Credit Institute. These are the so-called ICO Loans, very named and at the same time very used. But let’s see what is behind all credit, especially behind bank loans for companies.

First of all, getting into debt with a bank means committing yourself for a while – which is usually quite long – to regularly paying a fee. If the business is going well, then nothing, but if the business goes wrong, you will have to continue paying the same, so, first of all, it is convenient to think about how those obligations will be dealt with in the worst case.

Incurring a non-payment has serious consequences: closure of bank accounts, being fastened as a debtor on the lists of defaulters, auctioning of property and even imprisonment if a scam is shown. For this reason, one must be very aware of the credit that will be taken.

In this sense, the financial institution will give us, if you can say so, a hand since it will take care of evaluating how feasible it is that it can face the installments, for which it must present its business plan and the guarantees that they request.

Bank loans, regardless of who grants them, always have the same components that must be evaluated when selecting a loan:

  • Requirements: the granting may be conditioned to various conditions that the user must meet, for example, have been x number of years inactivity as self-employed, or belonging to a certain industrial sector, etc.
  • Destination: sometimes they are loans for any purpose, but other times they can have a pre-established destination, such as the purchase of capital goods or participation in international fairs.
  • Term: the term will determine how high or low the loan installment will be.
  • Amortization: it can be the French system, the German system, the American system, increasing, decreasing, constant …
  • Period of Grace: it has to do with when the loan will begin to be paid, within, for example, 6 months or instantaneously.
  • Interest: will determine the true cost of the loan. To compare the interest rate, always use the APR, Annual Equivalent Rate, which is what you will pay effectively.
  • Guarantees: the bank can ask for guarantees that your money is returned. You can request a mortgage, personal property, one or several guarantors.

If they give you a loan for your venture, you can surely begin to realize your dream, and if your intuitions and projections are checked in reality, the credit will be paid alone. That is our greatest wish for you.

Financing methods for SMEs and the self-employed

Financial entities have a wide range of financial services designed for those who want to start a new business project. Loans or credit cards for self-employed workers and SMEs are some examples, but above all, and since the financial crisis that is still plaguing us began, there are 5 financing alternatives most used at this time:

  • Mutual guarantee societies.
  • Express Loans
  • Risk capital.
  • Participative loans.
  • ICO Loans

Mutual guarantee societies

It is a limited liability organization whose purpose is to guarantee its own partners, as well as to help them with financial and economic advice. An SGR has two types of partners:

  • Participating partners: SMEs and freelancers who contract the services of the SGR fulfilling their conditions.
  • Protective partners: Those people or companies that contribute social capital to the fund of the SGR so that it can be used by the participating partners.

One crucial aspect must be highlighted: you can not participate as a protective and participatory partner at the same time.

The SGR has a series of limitations by law:

  • A maximum of 5% guarantees to the same partner participating in the total value of the fund of the SGR.
  • A maximum of 25% of the total value of the fund in obligations to the same creditor.
  • It is prohibited to grant credits to its members and can not carry out other activities, beyond those of its corporate purpose.

These are the requirements to request a Reciprocal Guarantee Society are:

  • Be an associate of an SGR, by paying a social fee
  • Present a document explaining the purpose of the money you request along with a risk analysis.

Express Loans

The alternative is being used more and more by entities, offering fast financing from an online platform. These loans in the form of a line of credit and based on monthly income.

This financial option follows the following procedure:

  • Connect your bank accounts: so that the entity has the necessary information to give you the money you must connect your online accounts of the company and the quarterly IVA settlement.
  • Apply for the credit: with the help of an algorithm, you can calculate how much money you can receive from the credit line and minutes later you will be answered. Remember that you only pay for the money you use.

Risk Capital

It is a financial service more oriented to Startups than to freelancers. They are funds dedicated to companies with high future perspectives of high profitability, finance them and provide help for their management

They offer two modalities:

  • Venture Capital: Consists of the taking of temporary and minority interests in an SME during the startup or growth process.
  • Private Equity: Consists of the creation of a portfolio of shares of unlisted companies.

Participative loans

It is characterized because the benefits of the applicant company are shared with the lender, apart from a charge based on a fixed interest. Intended for both self-employed and companies.

Its main features are:

  • Its maturity is long term.
  • The interest depends on the evolution of the company’s profits.
  • They can be canceled in advance but if they are compensated with a capital increase equal to the capital of the company. So the company does not decapitalize.
  • Interest from the loan can be deducted in the tax base of the borrower’s Corporate Tax.
  • The amount of money they lend ranges between € 100.00 and € 1,000,000.

It is necessary to fulfill a series of requirements:

  • Be an SME
  • Document the project model demonstrating its viability and its management capacity.
  • The business project can not belong to the financial or real estate sector.
  • The company’s accounts must be audited.
  • Have a healthy economic situation.

ICO Loans

They are achieved through the Official Credit Institute is another important financing alternative. Some of its advantages are:

  • The repayment terms are longer.
  • They have lower interest rates.

These loans can be requested directly from the financial entities attached to the Official Credit Institute or directly to the ICO. They have 3 types of open lines:

  • ICO Line of Businesses and Entrepreneurs 2015: financing for SMEs and self-employed people who operate in Spain and have financing needs.
  • ICO Line Guarantee SGR SAECA 2015: financing for freelancers and public and private entities with the endorsement of a Reciprocal Guarantee Society (SGR).
  • ICO Internationalization 2015 Line and 2015 Exporters Line: financing for self-employed workers and companies with investment projects in the foreign market.

Same Day, No credit check Loans – Bad Credit accepted – Webwolves

Let’s imagine that we need extra financing and they grant us a € 10,000 credit at 5 years, with an interest of 10% APR. This means that for 60 months we will pay a total loan of € 212.47, so we will end up paying the bank € 12,748. But what would happen if our company pays us an unexpected bonus or we won a lottery prize of 3,000 euros? If we decide to use this money to amortize the loan that we have in force in advance, we will have the following two options.

1. Reduce the loan fee

We can reach an agreement with the bank to reduce the loan and so we can pay less per month, which perhaps suits us to save more in our day today. If we choose this option it will mean that we will continue paying for 5 years but with a lower monthly payment:

The fee would go from € 212.47 to € 148.73
The total would change from € 12,748 to € 11,924
So we would save 7%

2. Reduce the term of the credit

We will also have the option of speaking with the entity that manages the loan to allow us to reduce its term, so we would maintain approximately the same quota but for many fewer months- cost of borrowing. For example, if they accept our proposal we could go from returning the loan in 5 years to doing it in 3:

The fee would go from € 212.47 to € 225.87

The total would change from € 12,748 to € 11,131

So we would save 14.5%

Some conclusions

After these examples, we can draw some conclusions about whether it is better to repay loans with a reduced or shorter installment in advance:

It is better to reduce the term of the loan since it can suppose the double of saving that reduce the quota.
Reducing the term of the credit will not only allow us to save money but also the risk of default. That is to say, we will avoid possible contingencies that could affect the repayment of the loan that we have in force, for example, if in the next few years we run out of income, the bank conditions change, etc.

We will have to find a balance so as not to amortize so much that we run out of savings to deal with possible unforeseen events or to avoid paying so much a month that in the end, we will end up suffocating from day to day.
The greater the debt or the greater the capital that we can advance, the greater the savings. For example, in mortgages savings can reach 5 figures.

If we suspect that we can pay before the deadline, we must choose credits with zero cancellation commission, or free early amortization, as with the ING Orange Loan, or the mini-credits Kredito24,

After knowing the possibilities we have if we get extra financing and we want to amortize the repayment of the loan that we have in force, we can only decide what is best for us taking into account our financial profile and our priorities.

“Voucher redeemable until”: validity, statute of limitations and conditions

Tuesday, 25.12.12 , written by Anja Schlicht Vouchers as a Christmas present are becoming more popular year by year. Also in 2012, after the holidays, many people will be in the shops to redeem their vouchers for movies, clothes or DVDs. But how long are vouchers actually valid and when can  „Gutschein einlösbar bis“: Gültigkeit, Verjährung und Bedingungen

Vouchers are no longer just a last-minute gift. Instead, they offer the recipient the opportunity to buy something to their personal taste. The downside, however, is that most of the time you forget that you got a voucher for Christmas or your birthday. If he falls into the hands of the recipient after a year, the big guesswork begins: Can the voucher still be redeemed?

Vouchers usually valid for three years

In general, vouchers expire after three years. If no exact date of validity or issue is noted, the voucher can still be redeemed three years after the end of the year in which it was issued. This means that a voucher from 21.12.2017 is valid until 31.12.2020. The same applies if the voucher was given in January or July 2017. The period of validity of a voucher can in individual cases also be shorter than three years, if the time limit, for example to two years, is appropriate. If the voucher needs to be redeemed in less than a year, this is usually inadmissible. Then you can take your time – only after three years will the voucher be forfeited.


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No cash payment on coupons

Vouchers can be redeemed by any person – regardless of their name. According to section 807 of the Civil Code (BGB) a voucher is a so-called small bearer paper. Anyone who holds it in his hands may claim it. However, voucher holders do not have the right to demand a cash payment. In addition, they are not entitled to the remainder of the voucher after their redemption is paid. Traders are allowed to issue a new voucher for the remaining balance – even if it is only a matter of a few cents.

Vouchers expire after the limitation period

After expiry of the legal period of validity of three years indefinite vouchers expire and the money is gone. If, however, they are vouchers with an expiry date of about one year, the merchant must reimburse the monetary value within the three-year limitation period after the end of the voucher validity. However, customers do not get back the full amount of the voucher. Rather, the dealer may retain part of the money. How much is paid in the end varies from case to case.

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Regardless of whether there is a new liability insurance test or a building insurance survey: The news provide up-to-the-minute information on test results (for example a household insurance insurance test) on financial and insurance products. In addition, our editorial staff also writes about new legislative initiatives, such as pensions, life insurance or consumer protection, or clarifies tripping hazards, for example, when the insurance is taken out.

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Company pension: Disadvantages often only visible in old age
Best private health insurance for civil servants: These tariffs are top
Pensions for the self-employed: Stiftung Warentest examines pension models

Get out of the pension trap – Peter Zwegat calls for retirement

Thursday, 10.07.14 , written by Christian Hafler Peter Zwegat is back on RTL as Germany’s best-known debt advisor. In the evening he answered with a “get out of debt” special. In the current program “Get out of the pension trap” he takes care of the topic of old-age provision and advises: “Save time, so you have in need!” >  No money in old age: Better to make private provision as early as possible

Peter Zwegat returns to RTL with a pension special. The debt counselor of the nation shows with “Get out of the pension trap”, how important an optimal retirement is. Because many – especially young – Germans do not know how they should go with a small salary and some money for old age. But those who do not act soon enough risk later retirement poverty, warns Zwegat. Because today “no pension is safe – and everyone should take out supplementary insurance.” The expert gives important tips on how consumers do not fall into the pension trap. Peter Zwegat wants to enlighten those who are threatened by old-age poverty, and show how to set up a solid retirement savings.

Zwegat: to close the pension gap only with private or company pension plans

According to Zwegat, young people already have to “save privately or on a company-by-job basis to close the pension gap.” For old-age poverty already starts with young people in the middle of working life. But ignorance, a low income and the fear of the wrong pension product lead to “that many people do not save anything for the ages,” notes the debt counselor again and again. Experts advise to save 10 percent of the net income for old age. But Zwegat sees it differently: no matter whether 20, 50 or 100 euros – everyone should do as much as he can monthly against poverty in old age. “In general, one should choose a facility that is recommended by consumer centers or independent comparison portals,” says Zwegat.

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Which pension plan is optimal?

In the case of the young family with two children, who visited Zwegat, a Riester bank savings plan is recommended as the optimal pension. With the Riester pension especially families benefit from the government allowances for themselves and their children. With several hundred euros per year, the state thus supports the development of private provision. Only today, Stiftung Warentest has published a test on Riester bank savings plans in its latest issue of Finanztest (11/2013).

These people are particularly vulnerable to old-age poverty

60 percent of workers are currently at risk of poverty. Especially women are affected, as shown by the pension comparison in the young family. While the man has to expect a statutory pension of well over 1,000 euros a month, his wife has around 600 euros. Old-age poverty is also a geographical problem. Above all, people in the new federal states are threatened, since they usually earn less there than in the West. At the same time, old-age poverty is related to income. Anyone earning less than 2,500 euros a month must expect poverty in old age, according to RTL.

Attention to pension advice by banks and agents

With their private pension plans, many young people attach importance to flexibility. Not everyone wants to sign a contract in which he pays over 30 or 40 years contributions. For example, for the 25-year lawyer and notary, where Zwegat is also sitting on the couch, only a bank savings plan in question, in which they can dispose of their money in the short term. Insurance professionals should actually respond to the individual needs of their clients, so that they ultimately get the retirement they really want. Unfortunately, these wishes are often hidden. Together with the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia Peter Zwegat tested the consulting with banks and insurance companies. Too often the customer was not in the foreground. On the contrary: the insurance brokers sold what “the briefcase gives”.

What other retirement gaps are there?

But not only in the pension gapes a pension gap, points out Annabel Oelmann of the consumer center NRW. Among other things, it recommends a disability insurance for young adults. After all, one in four employees is no longer working until retirement age, but is previously unable to work. Anyone who thinks that the state is helping them by helping them is wrong. The state benefits are not only low, but linked to very strict conditions.

The consumer advocate also thinks it makes sense to have a savings account that always has a nest egg of two to three months’ salary. Everyone should have private liability insurance. This has already been made clear by the consumer magazine ZDF WISO plus in the past. Young families are also well protected by a term life insurance if the main earner suddenly dies.

Zwegat: “Precaution would be nice”

There are over 100,000 old-age provision products in Germany. It is no wonder that many consumers feel insecure. There is also a lack of transparency, even though the Federal Government has already provided more transparency with a product information sheet. But a private pension is important. That’s what Peter Zwegat showed with the “Get out of debt” special. Everyone can optimally provide with the right product. With an independent consultation, this can also be found from the countless offers.

Here you will find tips and further information on old-age provision. >

Christian Hafler

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Building insurance: Is there a duty for the important protection?

Building insurance: Is there a duty for the important protection?

Storms, floods and heavy rainfall repeatedly cause high damage to houses. It is not uncommon for homeowners to run into serious financial problems. Nevertheless, there is no obligation for building insurance in Germany. This offers insured an indispensable protection, such as a house fire. Very good rates are not expensive, as a new test shows.
Gebäudeversicherung: Keine Pflicht zur Absicherung
Is a building insurance obligatory?
  • In Germany, the conclusion of a building insurance is not mandatory.
  • However, at least one federal state wants to link its financial support after flood to the insurance protection.
  • Before people decide to take homeowner insurance, they should first get an overview of many different offers.

In Germany, homeowners have no obligation to take out building insurance. Although the discussion about compulsory insurance, especially after severe flood damage, keeps cropping up, the government has not been able to agree on a mandatory hedge. However, Bavaria, for example, plans to link the payment of emergency aid to flood victims from July 2019 onwards . If the damage had been insurable, the federal state would no longer financially support victims.

Regardless of political debates around a duty for building insurance, every homeowner should deal with insurance coverage. If, for example, the home is damaged by a fire, the residents will incur high costs for the renovation or even the new building . Without financial security in the form of homeowners insurance, owners quickly reach their limits.

Secure important services of building insurance

A classic homeowners insurance pays for damage to your own home by fire, hail, storm from wind force 8, lightning, overvoltage and tap water . So homeowners are insured even if flooding, heavy rain and flood, they need additional insurance against damage. In addition, they should be careful to ensure that damage caused by gross negligence is covered and that the insurer pays, among other things, for demolition and cleaning costs, as well as hotel costs, if residents of a damaged house can no longer live there temporarily.

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Building insurance in the test: Many providers offer inexpensive top protection

According to a building insurance test by Focus-Money (04/2018), there are some insurers who offer very good value for money. To this end, the magazine commissioned 35 tariffs from 22 providers from the rating agency Franke & Bornberg with regard to the scope of services and the amount of the contribution. All rated homeowners’ insurance includes protection against natural hazards and must provide a minimum level of coverage. This includes, for example, that additional costs are covered by regulatory requirements and graffiti shops.

Cost of home insurance depends on many factors

The evaluation of the services contributed to 70 percent in the overall result of the investigation. The price for building insurance was 30 percent. For this, the testers calculated the annual fee for five different locations: Hannover, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

Overall, two insurers achieve an outstanding result:

  • “Residential Premium” by HDI
  • “Optimal” from WGV

With the offers the costs vary depending upon place of residence between 238 euro and 360 euro per year. Another 14 tariffs are rated very good, including

  • “Premium WFL” from media insurance,
  • “Casa optimum” by degenia,
  • “Premium” by Waldenburger,
  • “Best Selection” by Janitos and
  • “Comfort Vario” by Helvetia.

Tip: Depending on the location, design and age of your home, the contribution for your building insurance may vary. Therefore, the top offers can not always be transferred to your own situation. Meanwhile, there are different tariff calculator on the Internet, which help to conveniently compare the costs and benefits of many different providers for the home. The test winners can represent a good orientation.

Here you will find tips and more information on household insurance.

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Gaspreisrechner – Gaspreise vergleichen, bares Geld sparen

Verivox Wechselschutz Siegel
Damit Sie sicher sparen, ist Ihr Wechsel über den Verivox Wechselschutz kostenlos bei der Allianz abgesichert.

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Doppelt abgesichert: Nirgendwo-Günstiger Garantie und Wechselschutz von Verivox

32WechselschutzNGG Siegel

Wir garantieren immer den günstigsten Preis – mit der Verivox Nirgendwo-Günstiger-Garantie. Und damit Sie sicher sparen, ist Ihr Wechsel über den Verivox Wechselschutz kostenlos bei der Allianz abgesichert.



Kundenbewertung 24.05.2018 um 15:29 Uhr Man bekommt so günstige Preise die man sonst nicht erreichen würde. Bei Problemen steht Verivos zur Seite und der Wechsel ist wirklich sehr unkompliziert


Kundenbewertung 24.05.2018 um 06:59 Uhr Benutzt Verivox….und ihr könnt Geld sparen.


Kundenbewertung 23.05.2018 um 18:02 Uhr Der gewünschte Wechsel des Gaslieferungen lief schnell und problemlos. Die angebotenen Hilfsmittel, wie z. B. Gasrechner, haben zu dem schnellen Wechsel beigetragen. Die Bestätigung des neuen Lieferanten kam sehr zügig.


Kundenbewertung 22.05.2018 um 09:44 Uhr Alles war ok. Der Gasanbieterwechsel lief reibungslos. Leider rief man mich zu Hause an, um mir weitere Verivox-Produkte aufzuschwatzen. Das fand ich nicht schön.


Kundenbewertung 21.05.2018 um 16:30 Uhr Der Wechsel dauerte ca. 2 Monate, das lag aber am vorherigen Anbieter der nach einem Jahr den Strompreis um ca. 50 % erhöhen wollte. Das Sonderkündigungsrecht/Kündigung durch den neuen Anbieter wurde nicht akzeptiert, ich musste dann nochmals selber kündigen. Das Ganze war sehr zeitaufwendig bis die Stromanbieter jedesmal antworteten. Durch Verivox gab es keine Verzögerung


So funktioniert der Gaspreisrechner

Mit dem Gaspreisrechner von Verivox finden Sie schnell und unkompliziert den für Ihren Gasverbrauch besten Gasanbieter. Der Gaspreisrechner berücksichtigt alle für Neukunden verfügbaren Gastarife in Ihrem Versorgungsgebiet und zeigt Ihnen, wie viel Geld Sie mit einem Gasanbieterwechsel pro Jahr einsparen können.

Anhand weniger Informationen ermittelt unser Gaspreisrechner Ihr jährliches Einsparpotenzial bei den Gaskosten. Lediglich Ihre Postleitzahl und Ihr Gasverbrauch pro Jahr in Kilowattstunden sind für die Berechnung erforderlich. Der Gaspreisrechner zeigt Ihnen dann nach Preis sortiert alle für Sie verfügbaren Gasanbieter und –Tarife an. Ihren jährlichen Gasverbrauch können Sie der letzten Jahresabrechnung entnehmen.

Im Gaspreisrechner auch auf die Konditionen achten

Für die meisten Verbraucher ist natürlich der Gaspreis das entscheidende Kriterium für einen Gasanbieterwechsel. Sie sollten allerdings auch einen Blick auf die Anmerkungen zum gewünschten Tarif im Gaspreisrechner werfen. Dort erhalten Sie einen schnellen Überblick über die jeweiligen Laufzeiten und Preisgarantien. Auch Informationen zu einmaligen Bonuszahlungen können Sie dem Gaspreisrechner entnehmen.

Vergleichen mit dem Gaspreisrechner – Online sofort wechseln

Die Vertragsunterlagen vieler Gasversorger können Sie über unseren Gaspreisrechner kostenfrei und unverbindlich per E-Mail oder Post anfordern oder direkt herunterladen. Haben Sie sich für einen neuen Gastarif entschieden, können Sie das entsprechende Formular mit geringem Aufwand in kurzer Zeit ausfüllen. Auch ein unkomplizierter Online-Vertragsabschluss ist möglich. Hierfür sollten Sie die Zählernummer Ihres Gaszählers sowie Ihre Kundennummer beim aktuellen Gasversorger zur Hand haben. Sollten Sie noch unsicher sein und Fragen zum Gaspreisrechner oder dem Gasanbieterwechsel haben, steht Ihnen unsere kostenfreie Service-Hotline (0800 8080890) für weitere Informationen gerne zur Verfügung.

Gaspreisrechner regelmäßig nutzen

Die Zahl alternativer Gasversorger ist noch immer geringer als die Anzahl der Anbieter auf dem wettbewerbsgeprägten Strommarkt. Allerdings kommt mit jedem Jahr deutlich mehr Bewegung in den Gasmarkt. Für Sie als Verbraucher kann es sich also lohnen, in regelmäßigen Abständen einen Gasvergleich mit unserem Gaspreisrechner durchzuführen. Spätestens jedoch vor Ablauf der Kündigungsfrist Ihres laufenden Vertrages empfiehlt sich ein Blick auf die aktuellen Gasangebote: Viele Gasanbieter senken oder erhöhen die Gaspreise beispielsweise unmittelbar vor und nach der Heizperiode. Ein regelmäßiger Vergleich der Gaspreise mit unserem Gaspreisrechner kann Ihnen somit helfen, Jahr für Jahr unnötige Gaskosten zu sparen.


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The Eurogroup unlocks 8,500 million of the rescue for Greece

The Eurogroup unlocks 8,500 million of the rescue for Greece

  • This closes the second revision of the Greek rescue, stagnating for 8 months.
  • Greece will be able to meet the 7,400 million disbursement it faces in July.

The ministers of Economy and Finance of the Eurozone, the Eurogroup, reached an agreement on Thursday that gives the green light to the disbursement for Greece of a new tranche of aid of 8,500 million euros of its rescue, Efe told European sources.

Athens, its European creditors – European Commission, European Central Bank and European Stability Mechanism – and the International Monetary Fund put in place during the meeting held in Luxembourg the blockade to close the second review of the Greek rescue, stagnating for about eight months.

This amount will allow the country to meet the disbursement of 7,400 million euros that faces in July, an amount of which 5,600 million will go to debt maturities and the rest for late payments.

"I am pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement on all the key elements: conditionality, debt strategy for the future and the participation of the IMF," said the president of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, at a press conference at the end of the meeting.

Relief measures

 Relief measures

The also acting Dutch finance minister explained that the institutions have validated the implementation of the measures required of Athens and have specified more the medium-term debt relief measures that they agreed to grant to Greece at the end of their rescue program, such as asked the IMF.

"As a result of the agreement, I will propose to the executive board of the IMF that it approve in principle a new prudential agreement to support Greece," said the managing director of this institution, Christine Lagarde, who participated in the meeting.

The agreement could make 2,000 million dollars available to the country , said Lagarde, who added that he will begin the process for the Fund to approve this agreement in the next 24 hours and hopes to complete the process before July 27.

However, this agreement in principle assumes that the Fund conditions its participation to give even more clarity on debt relief measures so that the institution knows exactly what will be the amount of relief of the cargo granted to Greece at the end of the year. of the program and can evaluate the sustainability of long-term debt, up to 2060.

"There has been clear progress but the IMF believes that more needs to be done and that partners clearly need more time to complete the process of identifying debt measures, " Lagarde said , adding that he expects this identification process to conclude "soon" .

Extend maturities

 Extend maturities

For the moment, the Eurogroup ensures that it is willing to extend the average maturities of the loans to Greece, as well as to extend the extension of interest payments for up to 15 years, as well as to implement a program that links the rhythm of the return of loans to the country's growth.

If there is more growth, then the repayments of the loans can be made quickly. "If there is more growth, then the repayments of the loans can be made quickly, if it is slower, more extensions could be implemented for the interests," said Dijsselbloem.

The Dutchman said, however, that it will not be until the end of the bailout when this program is implemented and the need to restructure the Greek debt is gauged.

Lagarde admitted that "nobody thinks this is the best solution," but stressed that the agreement "has avoided a financial crisis."

The Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, considered that the agreement "is more than deserved", and highlighted the "unprecedented effort" of the Greek Government to meet the conditions.

As for the next steps, Greece will receive a first payment of 7.7 billion euros in July, once those countries that need to validate the agreement in their national parliaments have received the nod, and a second of 800 million euros after the summer.

This should allow him to fulfill his obligations in the coming months, according to the institutions.

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New laws as of April 1, 2016: Loans, phone calls and plastic bags

New laws as of April 1, 2016: Loans, phone calls and plastic bags


Friday, 01.04.16, written by Kathrin Staats

As of April 1, several new laws come into force. When shopping consumers will probably have to dig deeper in the future, as plastic bags should not be free of charge. Cheaper but the phone calls and surfing in other European countries. For builders to wave higher loans and disputes with companies should help a free arbitration.


In the future, travelers will pay less for telephone calls and surfing abroad

Change to April 1, 2016: Free plastic bags are soon history

For plastic bags in the supermarket, customers have been paying money for years. Now more shops are to abolish the free plastic bag . For consumers, the purchase will then in the future a bit more expensive, since many retailers demand from April 1, 2016 money for their plastic bags . How many customers have to pay more at the checkout, decide the dealers themselves.

This initiative comes from the trade association (HDE) with the intention to reduce the consumption of disposable bags . Although many dealers participate in the agreement of the HDE and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, this is voluntary. The reason for the measure is an EU directive. According to them, the Member States should reduce the consumption of plastic bags to 90 bags per inhabitant by 2019 .

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New regulation in April 2016: Phone calls and surfing will be cheaper

A new EU regulation will finally limit the roaming charges of telephone service providers . For travelers, surfing and phoning in other European countries from 30 April 2016 cheaper . As soon as the border is crossed, phone providers charge a maximum of five cents for surfing per megabyte or for calls. For SMS, only two cents more are due. It should not be forgotten that additional costs are incurred through VAT.

New laws as of April 1, 2016: More money for builders

As of April 1, 2016, builders can obtain even higher loans from the state-owned KfW Bank for the construction of energy-efficient real estate. So far, KfW has been promoting energy-saving new buildings with up to 50,000 euros. In the future, builders can receive twice as much credit for their project . However, in the same breath , the bank tightened funding conditions .

From 1 April 2016: mediation instead of legal proceedings

Consumers should have it easier in the future if they get into a dispute with a company . Often disputes end up in court for example because of faulty products, long waiting times or poor service. From 1 April 2016, consumers will be able to resolve these issues out of court. Independent consumer arbitration bodies will then mediate between customers and companies for free . However, the latter are not obliged to participate in the conciliation procedure, but decide themselves.

Change in April 2016: Transition period for apartments expires

In Berlin, since 2014, the short-term rental of apartments in normal residential buildings is only allowed with a permit. Due to the ban on misappropriation of property law, more living space is to be vacated again for permanent leases . So far, a so-called permit-free transitional period applies to providers of apartments . But it will expire at the end of April . According to this, providers may only rent apartments as holiday apartments if they receive a special permit from the responsible office. But “in 95 percent of the cases, we will reject a dispensation,” says Stephan von Dassel (Green), City Council for citizen services in Mitte, opposite Tagesspiegel Online. For landlords, this means that in future they will only be able to offer their apartments as normal for rent and not as a holiday apartment.

New law as of April 1, 2016: No more e-cigarettes for teens

E-cigarettes and e-shishas may no longer be sold to minors . Already at the beginning of the year, the Bundestag dealt with the distribution of these products to young people. But since the e-cigarette contains no tobacco, it was previously sold to minors. Although adolescents do not consume tobacco, nicotine-containing fluids are vaporized and inhaled in the e-cigarette . Because of the possible health damage selling to children and adolescents is now prohibited.

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