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How long does it take to transfer money via Creditend? If the project is successfully funded, it will be paid out. The repayment starts from the following month in monthly installments. The duration from the start of the project to full financing depends not least on the loan amount and the interest rate. The interest rate is determined by Creditend depending on the calculated default risk. See for further editorial

For several years there is the credit platform Creditend.

For several years there is the credit platform Creditend.

There are no loans without the Creditend, the loans taken are regularly registered with the Creditend. According to their own information, there is also the possibility to take out a loan, if a low credit bureau result is present. Loans of at least $ 1,000 up to a maximum of $ 50,000 may be made to Creditend.

Loans for the self-employed and students are also possible through the loan exchange. Creditend charges a fixed fee for the activity as a hub for borrowers and lenders in relation to the loan amount. How is Creditend offered? The credit platform Creditend is supported by the company of the same name. The company, headquartered in Düsseldorf city center, has been active in the private and private lending business for several years.

We are one of the partner banks of Creditend.

We are one of the partner banks of Creditend.

Here you can project for loan amounts of 1,000 to 50,000 USD. Creditend provides loans to retail customers where borrowers each create their own loan project to meet their needs. If there are enough private investors who want to lend something to the lender, the project is successful and the loan is paid out.

Creditend charges a commission of 2.95% of the loan amount in the event of success in arranging the loan platform for the corresponding project. Düsseldorf-based Creditend Gesellschaft mbH provides loans on its marketplace for private individuals. Possible loan amounts for the projects to be created on Creditend range from a minimum of 1,000 to a maximum of 50,000 USD.

Credit projects can also be carried out by self-employed and freelancers. The project planning of a student loan is also possible via Creditend. Credits without a credit bureau query can not be claimed with the marketplace credit, a credit project created via Creditend will be entered in the credit bureau information. According to their own information, however, it is possible to create a project for a personal loan even if the credit bureau score is low.

As is usual with most providers, the minimum life expectancy for loans is 18 years, and a permanent residence in the Federal Republic is also required. A fixed income is not necessary, however; Creditend goes its own way here, but requires a salary certificate in individual cases. Because Creditend has taken over the entire processing of a successful project, from the disbursement to the booking of the partial payments to the investors, as well as the possible collection, a processing fee of 2.95 percentage points per credit project is charged on successful completion.

The application process at Creditend works as follows?

The application process at Creditend works as follows?

In the credit market, the loan you are looking for is entered as a so-called project. Only after successful implementation of the credit project, an identification control of the system is necessary, as enough investors can be found. Creditend is entitled to demand a payroll account after successful project planning in individual cases.

What is the bank transfer time for Creditend? The time it takes to create the project and transfer the money raised through the marketplace depends on how long it takes to attract enough investors. According to Creditend, more than 50 percent of the projects (= loans) are already fully financed within two working hours.

If successful, the project will be disbursed. Creditend gives no information about how long that will take. Legitimization at Creditend takes place via the PostIdent process, video legitimacy is currently not possible. In the Postined the identity card of the borrower is presented at the counter of the post office, the employee then completes the appropriate form, which is sent to Creditend.

At Creditend there is also the option of an online identity procedure, which is processed via the account of the customer. The marketplace Creditend has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 potential competitors. The marketplace currently has 4310 total ratings at S-Money. 97.71% of the ratings are good, only a small part is negative.

Creditend won the “Best Credit Market Place of the Year” award at the Banking Check Awards 2016 for the first time. The loan marketplace, which was launched in 2007, proves that it has now established itself as the best service provider in the competition. In most ratings, the Creditend loan platform performs very well. Rank and thus the Banking Check Price 2016 as Credit Market Place speak for Creditend!

With the Creditend credit platform loans are already possible from 1,000 USD and can thus be played with small credit providers. Big difference: The credit is entered into the drawer, in a negative credit bureau query no project can be created, even if a low credit bureau score is not an exclusion criterion. In addition, Creditend incur substantial fees for successful loan projects on the order of 2.95% of the loan amount.

Creditend is currently the cheapest marketplace for loans according to BankCheck’s 2016 award. For loans that can be registered as project applications, all options are available, from the minimum loan amount of $ 1,000 up to the maximum possible loan amount of $ 50,000. According to their own information, more than 50 percent of loan projects are refinanced within two working hours via the credit marketplace, which is a good success rate.